Many people relocate to be with their aged parents

Moneylife newsletter carried the news of how the RBI governor Urjit Patel has not moved into the bungalow which is allocated to the RBI governor, because he is living with his aged mother, who would find it difficult to move about in the multi storey bungalow.
There are many educated people, who respect their parents, and would like to spend some time with them in their old age.
Many professionals live away from their parents from a very young age, while studying in college and in the early part of their career, when they have limited funds since they have to work hard and become financially stable.
After they have sufficient savings, they have the freedom to relocate to whichever place they wish, and many opt to spend some time with their parents, since the parents are almost the only people, a person can blindly trust.
Due to aging, older people usually require some help from younger people for some activities, and spending some time with the parent is one way to repay them for all that they have done for their children at a young age.

This again exposes the complete lack of humanity and honesty of the fraud google, tata, ntro employees when they viciously defame the domain investor, engineer by claiming that she has relocated only to avoid legal cases, when there are no legal issues at all and stole her identity repeatedly to get their girlfriends, relatives raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity.

Like many single professionals, she has mainly relocated to be with her aged parents, yet in one of the greatest NTRO frauds, the liar cheater ntro employees are falsely claiming that the engineer relocated to avoid legal cases when she has not broken any law at all, and stole her identity repeatedly 10 times.

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