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The Last Week Has Been Completely Crazy Here

It seemed like an odd request and went I went to this place I was wondering if they were going to laughing in my face. Of course I was pretty sure from my research that you could find lesbian escorts in Salt Lake City. However I was not looking for one for another lesbian to go out on a date with, instead it was a bunch of rich idiots that were going to get drunk and watch a show. At first they acted like they were not sure, which meant that they were going to charge extra and I expected this much. In the end I worked it out with the girls myself. I hired them both separately and then I paid them both time and a half for their trouble. Neither of them were really lesbians as it turned out, at least the two of them seemed to delight in flirting with me and trying to make me uncomfortable. Of course this thing turned out rather well for them. All of the guys who sent me there were really rich and one of them wrote me a big fat check to arrange for a private show.

I told the two of them that I was going to be their equal partner in this and they decided that they would try to renegotiate that deal with a different sort of private show. I told them how much student debt I had and somehow ended up getting everything. Of course they wanted me to cash the check and pay them in cash, which seemed like a problem for me if the IRS ever found out about it. I took them to this place out in the middle of the mountains and then I picked them up. Apparently they had managed to get another pay day and these girls decided I was going home with them. They called me their lucky charm.

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I Feel Like a Champion

Every year in Las Vegas, there is a video game tournament where multiple games are played and the winners can take home a hefty prize. I’ve been training in to win in a particular game all year long, and all of that training finally paid off, as I was able to win in that game. Out of hundreds of competitors that entered into the tournament for that game, I made my way through the brackets to beat all of my opponents. To celebrate, I used an escort agency to get one of the blonde escorts in Las Vegas for a night on the town.

Playing video games for so many hours made me hungry, and I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch that day, so I went with the escort to a buffet. I wanted to fill my plate up with as much food as possible and just pig out for a minute. I had been craving some steak, chicken, and shrimp, and the buffet I was at had all three of those foods. I had a little cocktail sauce with it that I dipped all three of the meats into, one at a time. The escort ate with me, but her plate wasn’t as packed as mine.

I was feeling a little lucky after the tournament, so I went with the escort to a casino and played some games of blackjack. I watched a movie about some college students playing blackjack and wanted to try some of the same techniques that they did, but I wasn’t able to do what they did. I lost all but one game of blackjack, and decided to leave before I lost all of my money. I took the escort back to my hotel and we had a little quite time while transitioning into an intimate moment.