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There are many reasons why a vehicle owner wishes to transport his car to another city, town or area. In some cases, he has won a car in an online auction on Ebay or similar websites, is relocating for professional reasons like a new job or transfer or for personal reasons. While most vehicle owners will drive the car themselves for short distances, for longer distances they would prefer to use a car transportation service for safety and convenience. Hence they would like to find a suitable car transport services. There are also many car dealers who have to transport a number of cars together.

Options available.
The vehicle transportation options available to the owner of the car or cars being transported depend on a number of factors. If only a single car is being transported and the vehicle is in good condition, a transport driver can be hired to deliver the car to the destination specified. The professional driver will collect the car from the address specified and drive it to the destination. The other option is to hire a trailer which will transport one or more car from one place to another. These trailers are large trucks which specialize in transporting cars and other vehicles.

Vehicle value.
Another factor which determines the best mode of car transport is the value of the car. If the car is a junk car which is not working, and is being scrapped, it is better to use the cheapest transport option, though there may be a delay in delivery. If the car is not very valuable, an open trailer can be used for transporting the car. For luxury, vintage cars and other expensive vehicles, the vehicle owner should only use a reputed transportation company which uses a closed trailer or container for transporting the car. The company should be able offer a warranty that there will be no damage to the car.

bookmark_borderMigrant crisis during lockdown mainly because of lack of humanity at the highest level

One of the main criteria for getting a government job in India especially in powerful intelligence agencies is the complete lack of humanity and honesty
Those who are kind and helpful are falsely labelled mentally unsound, do not fit in
While the government employees are extremely ruthless, this also has resulted in a lack of empathy for those who are less privileged
So while declaring the lockdown, no one thought of the migrants
Only when the migrants started returning home , the problem was exposed.

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bookmark_borderEndless banking, credit card fraud, theft of correspondence forces domain investor to consider relocation

The goa government is trying to get people to invest money in goa, yet it fails to listen to the valid complaints of citizens who have made the mistake of investing money in goa, forcing them to relocate.
For example the quality of life of the domain investor in goa, is so horrible that her correspondence is being ROBBED without a legally valid reason at all, isolating her completely. Also various well connected frauds like the gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, are falsely claiming to own her bank account, credit card in panaji, goa and the SBI credit card phone call confirmed this fraud
Even the relatives are realizing that it is very difficult for the domain investor to live in panaji with the BANKING FRAUD, theft of correspondence and blocked internet connection, so after 8 years, she is forced to consider moving

bookmark_borderThe Last Week Has Been Completely Crazy Here

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bookmark_borderMany engineers do not live in the house they stay overnight, the state government does not falsely claim that school dropouts, call girls have their resume, savings

In India, there are many engineers do not live in the house they stay overnight, the state government does not falsely claim that school dropouts, call girls have their resume, saving, criminally defaming the engineer

since the goan bhandari and gujju women like sunaina chodan, naina chandan do not want to answer JEE, want to get engineering degrees overnight, raw/cbi jobs by having regular SEX with NTRO employees who are running a SEX for engineering degree university, the goan bhandari and gujju officials like pritesh chodankar, naik, parmar, parekh, nikhil sha are looking for new excuses to defame women engineers and steal their identity for goan bhandari, gujju sex service providers who then get raw/cbi jobs with the stolen identity

One of the most IRRATIONAL FINANCIAL FRAUDS of the goan government is linking the resume, savings of a single woman engineer to staying overnight in the house she has purchased . There are thousands of engineers who do not stay overnight in the house they own due to personal and professional reasons, the state and indian government does not falsely claim that the house, their resume, savings, belong to CALL GIRLS, SCHOOL DROPOUTS in the locality, who are criminally trespassing their home.,

Bribed by google,tata, the goan government is looking for excuses to CRIMINALLY DEFAME a hardworking honest engineer, so it is giving the extremely FLIMSY EXCUSE of overnight stay in a burgled house with broken doors to falsely claim that google, tata sponsored SEX SERVICE PROVIDER raw/cbi employees who never studied engineering, have the resume, savings, own the paypal, bank account of the engineer

bookmark_borderR&AW/cbi correspondence diversion and theft makes it difficult to repair house, forces home owner to relocate

The CORRUPT LIAR local security agencies are justifying the identity theft of a single woman engineer,domain saying that she is not staying in her mailing address overnight. However the fact remains that criminals are running amok in panaji, goa, especially in 2018, breaking the doors of the houses in panaji, goa, breaking the taps and plumbing of the house.

The engineer is a harmless private citizen, and instead of tracking those who burgling and damaging the house of harmless private citizens, the corrupt liar security agency employees in panaji are falsely labelling the crime victim as a security threat without any legally valid reason for the last 9 years, diverting and robbing all her correspondence, making it difficult to make phone calls, to anyone.

The raw/cbi employees like riddhi nayak caro, sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar are extremely aggressive in ROBBING correspondence, BLOCKING PHONE CALLS making it almost impossible to contact any repair person to get the doors repaired. It is not safe for a single woman to live alone in a house where the doors are not secured, especially since it has been burgled and criminally trespassed repeatedly.

So when raw/cbi employees are making it impossible to get the home repaired in panaji, goa, the home owner is forced to live in safer premises.

bookmark_borderAccommodation for relocated bank employee

The indian internet sector controlled by google, tata is extremely brutal in its identity theft of harmless hardworking domain investors, falsely labelling them a security threat without any proof at all, stealing all their correspondence, and isolating them completely

For example no one in the indian internet sector can contact the domain investor since tata, google, are falsely claiming that the call girls sunaina chodan, siddhi mandrekar, they supply to government employees for SEX, robbers like riddhi caro nayak, veena, nayanshree hathwar, and other frauds who do not spend any money, own the domains
Only the people the domain investor knew when she had an engineering job are allowed to contact her since the engineering sector has some humanity unlike the LIAR FRAUD indian internet sector which considers google, tata sponsored LIAR PROSTITUTES, ROBBERS, CHEATERS, SCHOOL DROPOUTS AND OTHER FRAUDS who are not spending money online to be investors owning this website and online experts, to pay all the frauds a monthly salary at the expense of the real domain investor who is broke

So one of the domain investor’s ex-colleague contacted the domain investor asking for accommodation for a bank employee who was relocating to goa. The person contacted thrice for making arrangements, since everyone believes in the google,tata BANKING FRAUD since 2010. After that it appears that the raw/cbi employees diverted the lead to their associate, and the domain investor was not asked to make accomodating, indicating that CORRESPONDENCE THEFT is a very lucrative racket.