Packer and Mover mixed up stuff.

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Packer and Mover mixed up my stuff. What options do I have?
I moved in Dec 2020 from Gurgaon to Patna during lockdown and work from home.

I hired a Packer and Mover and asked them to keep my stuff in storage in Gurgaon and I would later get them delivered at a location where I would move to return to office once pandemic ends.

I paid these people 12k to pack, 3k per month to store in Gurgaon and then another 36K to finally get my stuff in Chennai today. I paid them diligently over 18 months on time.

The packer and mover did not send it by any of their own vehicles, instead pushed it through Delhivery as a courier and those guys just came and placed my stuff at my place and went off. I have been left to assemble my stuff on my own.

Now there are 6 cartons of my stuff missing, replaced by household stuff of someone else. A number of my electrical stuff is damaged – fridge, oven, etc. My gas stove and bed plyboards are missing.

As I am unpacking, I am finding more damage. In short, I have lost all my expensive clothes and electronics and they have been replaced by someone else’s garbage stuff. On top of this, I had some articles which I owed to another person, who are now asking me to give their items back – most of which have gone missing in this fiasco.

When I called them, they said talk to insurance and get back your claim. I said insurance will not pay for your misplacements. Now, as such these people are, they are not listening.

What options do I have to recover my original stuff back?

These are not some reputed movers like Agarwal or Crown, but are local cheapskates. I know, its my mistake that I chose them, but I had used their services before and the last time, most of the thing had come down fine. Cheapskate or not, one cant just steal someone stuff and then be nonchalant about it. What should I do? Will raising a police complaint help in any manner? What should I say in the complaint and who should it go to – Chennai police or Gurgaon Police?

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Should defo lodge a complain in Gurgaon Police as that was the place where your belongings were stored and they could still be kept in one of their godown.


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