Unlike Goa where FINANCIAL FRAUD is rampant, in Mumbai, banking officials do not make fake claims about bank account of people who relocate

Unlike the school dropout housewife cbi employee naina chandan who is a role model for the panaji politicians, security agency employees, most professionals with professional degrees have to live in different places for education, professional reasons like jobs.

They also have different bank accounts in different areas. In large metro cities like Mumbai, the banking staff, intelligence and security agencies are professional enough they do not make fake claims about the bank account of people who relocate, do not live at their mailing address overnight
In fact, they take pride in their professionalism of ensuring that the money will remain safe since the customers will not move the money away from the branch, the branch will have more deposits

On the other hand, in panaji, goa the security, intelligence employees are openly involved in BANKING FRAUD, falsely linking the identity of a person with the place where he or she will live overnight in a clear case of FINANCIAL FRAUD, since the PAN is permanent for a citizen.

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