Relatives harassed to force google competitor to sell house and relocate

Not satisfied with circulating defamatory photos, the gujju identity theft gang hiding behind gujju housewife naina are also harassing the domain investor’s relatives to force her to sell the house and relocate permanently.

The gujju identity theft gang led the pathological liar gujju fraudsters parmar, parekh, supported by fraud companies google, tata are openly involved in a major real estate fraud in panaji, goa, falsely claiming to own the house of the domain investor by bribing corrupt top intelligence and security agency employees in goa.

Though these shameless liar frauds hiding behind google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina who looks like actress sneha wagh are aware of the fact that no engineering college would admit a eighth standard pass school dropout like naina , no engineering company would hire a semiliterate gujju housewife married at 16, there is no end to the frauds and lies of gujju cheaters parmar, parekh, puneet, who falsely claim that the school dropout gujju fraudster owns the savings of a single woman engineer to defame, cheat and exploit the engineer, get the school dropout a monthly salary at the expense of the engineer

The fraud ntro employee puneet, gujju fraudsters parekh, parmar had stolen the savings of the engineer while travelling in 2012 and are falsely claiming that the stolen money belongs to the gujju school dropout . However after spending a lot of time and money, the engineer managed to get back some of her savings which the shameless greedy liar gujju fraudsters were falsely claiming to own in 2018.

The greedy shameless gujju fraudsters were extremely angry that their identity theft fraud was exposed, so they started harassing the domain investor, engineer, and google competitor, trying to force her to sell the house, and relocate permanently.

Though they have plenty of plants in their own house, the bespectacled chainsmoking balding husband of google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina started falsely claiming that the few plants in the house of the google competitor were reponsible for the dengue of their delicate sons, nikhil, karan, who are roaming around half clothed

Not satisfied with wasting the time of the domain investor and the neighbours with photos and fake stories, they are also harassing relatives of the domain investor, visiting their office and telling them the fake stories wasting their time.

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