Month: January 2024

Some Crypto traders are relocating to avoid high taxes in india

Traders sometimes make profit and often make losses, yet the government is charging a flat 30% tax on crypto trading .
So according to an indian Youtube channel, some of the top Indian crypto traders like Tapas have already relocated to foreign countries like Singapore.
The Youtuber said that in these countries the traders are not charged high taxes.
The government in these countries wants people to make more money, so that they can spend and invest more money in the country

Due to discrimination,lack of opportunities, north karnataka migrants in goa are relocating

It appears that exploitation of migrants from other states to reward locals has increased.
The main reason the domain investor was ruthless cheated, exploited , robbed in goa because her parents were marathi speaking migrants from north karnataka and government officials are openly favoring locals
While states like uttar pradesh, madhya pradesh, gujarat, will defend and help migrants from the state like DOMAIN FRAUDSTER greedy gujju stock trader amita patel,in all their financial fraud, cybercrime, there is no one to help migrants from north karnataka like the domain investor, especially in goa, when they are criminally defamed, cheated, exploited, robbed and subjected to human rights abuses.
The domain investor has interacted with migrants from north karnataka in goa and they confirmed that they were ill treated. It appears that some migrants from north karnataka are also returning to karnataka because of lack of opportunities in goa, though they also find it difficult to get paid work after relocating since they are migrants who are not settled there for long.

Actual location of banking fraudster raw/cbi employees can be determined using their mobile phone location

Instead of harassing the domain investor, government agencies should explain why the banking fraudster raw/cbi employees are allowed to fake bank account, domain ownership for more than 14 years, EXPLOITING, ROBBING a hardworking single woman engineer, who they hate, have not contacted or helped.
Usually most people have a bank account in the city or town where they live or have lived in the past. Yet showing the extent of financial fraud the single woman engineer is subjected to, the raw/cbi employees are falsely claiming to own the bank account, savings of the single woman engineer in a city where they have never lived or only for a few years.
Shockingly the top tech and internet companies are supporting the mostly married banking fraudster raw/cbi employees in their massive financial fraud, no one has the honesty and humanity to question raw/cbi why they are fake claims about their greedy married employees who mostly do not have any savings of their own,
The raw/cbi employees are not living in mumbai at present, their current location can be confirmed checking their mobile phone location, yet the government agencies continue their financial fraud, making fake claims about savings, bank account and harassing, torturing the single woman engineer,

Location of bank account branch will expose massive financial, work at home fraud, resume robbery of raw/cbi employees faking btech 1993 ee degree

Though the domain investor is complaining about the massive financial, work at home fraud, resume robbery of raw/cbi employees faking btech 1993 ee degree from iit bombay, the government agencies refuse to end the massive financial fraud, resume robbery.
The location of bank account branch will expose massive financial, work at home fraud, resume robbery of raw/cbi employees faking btech 1993 ee degree. After running their massive financial fraud since 2010, the cheater raw/cbi employees finally agree that their bank account. PAN in which they receive a monthly government salary with their fake resume is different from the domain investor, single woman engineer whose resume, data they are robbing.
The pan can be also used to trace the other bank accounts of the banking, domain fraudster resume robber raw/cbi employees. Though the liar top government employees especially from the btech 1993 class of iit bombay are making fake claims about the banking, domain fraudster resume robber raw/cbi employees to get them monthly government salary, in reality these fraud raw/cbi employees have never answered JEE, never studied engineering in mumbai, and have never invested in domains.
So the goan/sindhi scammers like panaji goan bhandari CALL GIRL sunaina chodan have accounts in goa, pune, bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree has account only in karnataka, greedy gujju stock trader amita patel legally has bank accounts in thane, navi mumbai, haryana cheater ruchita kinge has bank account in haryana, delhi, and indore cheater housewife deepika/veena only has active bank accounts in indore in which she receives her monthly government salary.
Yet in a massive banking fraud in the indian internet sector, these cheater raw/cbi employees continue to falsely claim ownership of mumbai bank accounts of a single woman engineer, domain investor who they hate, torture and get a monthly government salary at her expense