Month: April 2021

Panaji’s top EXTORTIONIST greedy goan gsb housewife cbi employee ROBBER riddhi nayak caro has lived in goa all her life, now falsely claiming to own mumbai bank account

One of the best indications of the endless frauds in the indian tech, internet sector is how google,tata are supporting Panaji’s top EXTORTIONIST greedy goan gsb housewife cbi employee ROBBER riddhi nayak caro in her latest BANKING FRAUD of falsely claiming to own the mumbai icici bank account of the goa 1989 jee topper, a single woman engineer who has no one to no one to help or defend herself against fraud companies like google, tata, cheater shivalli brahmin men like tata power special electronics division employee guruprasad, hathwar, kodancha, j srinivasan, mhow monster puneet,goan frauds mandrekar, nayak, caro, goan bhandari pritesh chodankar, naik and other greedy fraud men who are CHEATING, EXPLOITING , ROBBING her

indian tech, internet companies especially google,tata are aware that Panaji’s top EXTORTIONIST greedy goan gsb housewife cbi employee ROBBER riddhi nayak caro (like goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan) has lived in goa all her life and is only powerful in goa because her fraud father nayak, husband crooked cheater caro are top officials in security agencies, abusing their powers to CRIMINALLY defame the goa 1989 jee topper in the worst manner
Even the other greedy goan fraud raw employee siddhi mandrekar was born in 1990 or later, so she was not an adult when the icici bank account was opened and panaji’s top sindhi scammer schooldropout housewife naina chandan has lived in kolhapur and panaji, goa with her xerox shop owning fraud husband , not in mumbai . indore robberraw employee deepika was in indore after 2000, and haryana mba hr ruchika kinge was in karnal, haryana till 2011.

Even the shivalli brahmin bengaluru brahmin cheater raw employee housewife nayanshree was living in gangolli,kundapura, udupi at least till 2006, there is no way she would have travelled to mumbai just for opening the bank account.
So after being cheated , exploited, ROBBED for 11 years by the cruel cunning raw/ntro employees led by mhow monster puneet, the domain investor will not tolerate any more banking fraud from the raw/cbi employees

Panaji fraud liar gujju/sindhi officials, community continue with their fraud of linking the identity of a single woman with their mailing address

One of the biggest problems living in panaji is the endless frauds of the Panaji fraud liar gujju/sindhi officials, community who are always targetting older single woman professionals for their endless frauds which will never be tolerated anywhere else
One of the biggest frauds of the Panaji shameless liar greedy gujju/sindhi officials, community is how the goa government refuses to question their fraud of linking the identity of a single woman with living at the mailing address and if the single woman is not living at her mailing address the shameless scammer sindhi community, officials are falsely claiming that greedy shameless sindhi scammer housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh who was least interested in studying after eighth standard has the resume, savings of a single woman professional

The shameless sindhi scammer community is aware that their favorite scammer school dropout naina chandan,illegally married at 16, was living in panaji since 1995 at least with her scammer xerox shop owning husband, she has no professional qualification, experience, savings of her own, yet being pathological liars and frauds, they have continue with their fraud to get the shameless sindhi scammer naina a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the single woman engineer

So this is posted as a fraud alert so that people are aware of the EDUCATIONAL, FINANCIAL FRAUD of the panaji greedy gujju, shameless scammer sindhi community, leaders, officials like nikhil sha, parmar, tushar parekh