Month: January 2021

Former president Donald Trump and family relocate to Florida

Though he did not usually get positive coverage in the US media, for the rest of the world, Trump was one of the most entertaining US presidents in history. After he left White House, the media reported that he and his family relocated to Florida
It would be interesting to find out why he relocated, was it the weather, taxes or because Florida is controlled by Republicans

Skips are widely used for relocating, transporting waste

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While small amounts of waste in Solihull can be disposed off using conventional methods, for large amounts of waste, it is better to hire a skip. This also makes it easier to dispose off all the waste together. We specialize in Skip Hire In Solihull providing a wide range of skips for both commercial and residential applications. In addition to supplying the skips we also provide free advice to our customers, to help them choose the right skip depending on the waste they wish to dispose. We also get rid of all the waste conforming to the guidelines, recycling most of it in an ecofriendly manner.

Skip size
Each skip is made from metal, so that it can be used for carrying heavy loads, without being damaged. The skip is listed on the basis of its size, with the smallest skip available of size two yards while the larger skips are of size fourteen yards or larger. For each of the skip the approximate dimensions in terms of length, width and height are provided so that the user can decide where to place the skip after hiring. The capacity of each skip is also defined in terms of the black bags which it will be able to hold, with smaller skips holding 25-35 fully filled black bags or weight of the waste 3.5 tonnes

Types of skips
Yard skips are the most widely used skips for clearing waste. They are used mainly for residential and commercial waste. When the individual or business hires the skip, we will deliver it to the address specified. After the hire period is over, we will collect the skip and get rid of all the waste in the skip in an eco-friendly manner. For commercial applications, especially construction sites, where a large amount of waste is generated, it is better to hire a roll on roll off type skip which is easier and faster to get load the skip. For very large amounts of waste weighing more than 16 tonnes, hiring a tipper with grab will help to remove waste quickly

Skip hire
Before hiring the skip, the user should estimate the size of the skip which he requires. He should also be able to decide how much time he will take to clear the home, garden or other area, to fill the skip. After this he should contact us with his requirement for a skip, specifying the size of the skip, the duration for which it has to be hired, and the location where it has to be delivered. If the skip is being placed in the driveway or property of the customer, there are no additional fees. If the skip is placed on a road or public property, the customer will also have to get a permit from the local authorities.

After the skip hire Solihull has been finalized, our staff will deliver the skip at the location specified. The larger skips are heavy, so they may damage the driveway if it is made from a softer material. In this case, it is better to cover the ground with wooden planks to prevent damage by the skips. During the skip hire period the customers can fill the bin with any material they wish. Most residential customers in Solihull are filling the skip with furniture, wood, cardboard, plastic packaging and garden waste. Commercial customers will fill the skip with construction debris and other waste. Paint and other liquids should not be added.

The cost of hire of the skip depends on the size of the skip and duration of hire. The cubic yard skip is the smallest skip and will cost between 90 and 150 GBP. The price will increase proportionately depending on the size. For commercial applications like construction or building sites the largest skip size , the fourteen yard skip is used, and the cost of this skip is usually 300 GBP and more. We have one of the largest range of skip sizes in Solihul, and detailed information of each of the skips is provided for reference on our website.

Solihull is one of the most prosperous areas in United Kingdom outside London. New homes and buildings are also being constructed in Solihull, since it has excellent standards of living. We offer a wide range of skips, bins for hire to individuals as well as businesses in Solihull at the best rates. So people often purchase a large number of items for their home, which they wish to replace or discard after a few years. New homes and buildings are also being constructed in Solihull, since it has excellent standards of living.