Month: October 2019

I Feel Like a Champion

Every year in Las Vegas, there is a video game tournament where multiple games are played and the winners can take home a hefty prize. I’ve been training in to win in a particular game all year long, and all of that training finally paid off, as I was able to win in that game. Out of hundreds of competitors that entered into the tournament for that game, I made my way through the brackets to beat all of my opponents. To celebrate, I used an escort agency to get one of the blonde escorts in Las Vegas for a night on the town.

Playing video games for so many hours made me hungry, and I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch that day, so I went with the escort to a buffet. I wanted to fill my plate up with as much food as possible and just pig out for a minute. I had been craving some steak, chicken, and shrimp, and the buffet I was at had all three of those foods. I had a little cocktail sauce with it that I dipped all three of the meats into, one at a time. The escort ate with me, but her plate wasn’t as packed as mine.

I was feeling a little lucky after the tournament, so I went with the escort to a casino and played some games of blackjack. I watched a movie about some college students playing blackjack and wanted to try some of the same techniques that they did, but I wasn’t able to do what they did. I lost all but one game of blackjack, and decided to leave before I lost all of my money. I took the escort back to my hotel and we had a little quite time while transitioning into an intimate moment.