Month: January 2018

Water pump damaged to force engineer to relocate

Though officially the crime rate in Panaji, goa is low, it is far less safe compared to other places in India, especially in 2018 after the MLA was hospitalized. Compared to even a metro city like Mumbai, some of the crimes in panaji, are trespassing, robbery and burglary are far more likely for a private citizen.
The powerful criminal gangs in panaji are openly involved in real estate fraud and do everything possible to force home owners to relocate.
One of the methods used to force home owners to relocate is by damaging the water pump
Most homes in some areas have their own independent overhead tank and pump which is kept outside.
The ruthless real estate gangs will damge the pump when the home owner is away, trying to force the home owner to relocate

How NTRO employees steal the identity of engineers when they relocate to get their girlfriends/relatives raw/cbi jobs

One of the greatest frauds of ntro, raw, cbi, google, tata is how ntro employees are stealing the identity of experienced engineers with a good JEE rank, every time they relocate, after making fake allegations without any proof at all.
The engineer is relocating for personal reasons, like family, however the fraud google, tata, ntro employees are always looking for a reason to defame, cheat, exploit hardworking honest engineers, pamper reward lazy greedy call girls, school dropouts, document robbers and other frauds

This blog looks at relocating, the identity theft racket of the fraud liar ntro employees , how they justify the identity theft of experienced engineers who relocate. Self employed persons, small business owners in India are specifically targetted for identity theft, after forcing them to relocate